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A dicussion meeting of how to do better white grey granite products supplying in 2016 held yesterday

Published : 2015-12-31

New years Eve is for not only to say good bye to the past ,but also to say hello to new year . Today is the connection of 2015 and 2016 , theCEO , president , production manager ,account deparment manager ,marketing,and the quarry director gathered to Xiamen , to take part in the meeting . The secretary of the Xiamen Website Business Council also come to this event. 

During the meeting everyone exchanged their view points about how grey and white granite market was in year 2015. The president of Aobo Stone Nancy said : "Due to global low economy ,the contruction materials business has hit its ebb till now. However , the trading of white grey granite is not the same condition .On the contrary , its production volunme has an  increase for 7.9/% compared to last year in our company."


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