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Antique Brown granite
Antique Brown granite is a very special stone indeed. Its crystalline mineral deposits provide a very unique pattern that has made it one of the most popular.
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 First Impression of Antique Brown Granite
Quarried in Angola Antique Brown Granite is dark blue in color. It is shaped from erratically formed dark brown crystals found to be allied with the metallic mica reflections. The thin veins in the stone most often appear as crack-like stain on the surface of the stone. Though these are not really the cracks but merely the color of the stone.

People generally like use this granite for their charming appearance. Some again prefer this granite as a substitute for marble. 
Antique brown granite

The other different names of this species are:

               *Marron Cohiba

               *Brown Antique
               *Marron Antique
               *Marron Antico

               *Auckland Brown 


Compressive Strength: 294MPa

Modulus of Rupture: 23.6MPa

Water Absorption:0.01%

Suitable application : luxury interior and exterior decor, countertops, sinks , and crafts 

 Beauty of Antique Brown Granite

The Antique Brown Granite is found in different variety depending upon the finishes:

Polished Finished: The granites of Honed and Polished species suggest dual types of exterior finishes that are used in creating the stone for the purpose of your home. There are really a number of different sorts of finishes. A few are of smooth & shiny finishes while others are of dull and coarse.polished Antique brown granite
The look and feel of the surrounding area of the room and also the complexities of maintenance depend on the surface finish that you prefer.

All the work of Finishing starts with a coarse granite slab that is done with the help of the system of mechanical conveyor. It finishes the polishing or honing process through the different stages.

The Process of polishing of the Antique Brown Granite:

The side of the slab to be polished is positioned in the way so that the upside is observable after keeping on the belt of the conveyor, and after that the process starts.
Now, the granite passes through a sequence of wheels fixed with coarse rough pads for polishing as well as the finer polishing pads.
The pads apply force to the stone buffing and grinding them towards the finishing process. The surface finish of the stone is confirmed where the process of finishing end.

Antique brown granite honed

Honed Finish: A honed surface finish offers smooth but unreflected surface. It looks lusterless. The finish lands up flatter as compared to a complete gloss polish. It is not so super sparkly, and there’s very little reflection in it.
Different people name this finish differently. Some regarded it as natural looking or soft. Others again refer to it as looking just simple & uninteresting.

To attain this particular type of finish, the process ends earlier than the stages of buffing.The honed stone finishes might be of different types with other names. For instance, the Satin, Velvet, Machine Smooth and Diamond Smooth.All the honed finishes stones are common in smoothness and without any bumps and ridges.


antique brown granite flamed finish

The Thermal or Flamed finish: A high power flame is used for the surface of the stone made of crystals pop. As a result, a greatly rough surface is created with no shine.Usually after flamed , it would need brushing to make sure the surface is not so abbrasive. On the other hand , after brushing for four times , it would formed another finish , which is called leathered.

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