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Eased edge Green Verde butterfly granite kitchen countertops

Green Verde Butterfly granite countertops, with high hardness and fine flowers vein , very suitable for projects like vilas , clubs , home depot , hotels , plazas , museums ect .

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verde butterfly granite kitchenThe Primary color of this stone is Green. With very low variations, this granite also known as Green Butterfly, is a unique blend of greens, grays and white speckles. Within in the stone you will notice the black veining throughout the slab. The overall appearance is of a dark Green. Also Known Pavao Green, Green Butterfly and Verde Papillion.Verde Butterfly green granite kitchen countertops are very suitable to be used in areas such as vilas, plazas,museums, hotels ect, matching up with white and brown colors babinets. With its fine flower veins ,it has been a favorite choices for architects , designers and project owners .

verde butterfly granite countertopsVerde Butterfly granite kitchen countertops Details:
Regular Size: 108"x28", 96"x28", 108"x25" 1/2", 98"x26", 96"x25 1/2"
Regular Thickness: 3/4" or 1 1/4"
Regular Edge processing : Eased edeg , bullnosed edge , chamferred edge, ogee edge .
Backsplashes: same length with countertops , regular width 4''
Sidesplashes:length same with width of countertops , regular
width 4''
Aprons: same length with countertops , regular width size 6''-15''
Sink cut out types:undermount and uppermount
Faucet holes cut out:1-3 units
Own factory , accept any customized size and thickness .

Verde butterfly granite is by no means just another green color. Its lush dark green color represents a unique shade that enhances countertops and even desktops. With Verde Butterfly granite countertops, you can create the illusion of extra space: The dark green color enhances the work space as well as giving the illusion of a larger and more spacious working area. It’s pleasing to the eyes and reminds you of the beauty of nature. The dark green in a verde butterfly granite countertop is very eye-catching and rich.
Verde Butterfly granite is a Brazilian granite that has gained much popularity in kitchens over the past decade.

 Verde Butterfly Granite countertops Edge Processing

Granite edges for countertops are available in many shapes. The detail of the shape of granite countertop edges will affect cost, function, and cleanability.Stone edges are a design element that you get to choose prior to fabrication. The edge or profile that you choose can have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of your granite counter tops and your kitchen.It can also have an impact on the cost of your countertops.

Granite countertop edges can be simple or complex, with curves or sharp angles. Your contractor may use a different name for an edge than what is shown here.Be sure you understand what his or her definition is of the edge you are interested in.

 granite countertop eased edge  granite countertop bevled edge


granite countertop half bullnose edge

 granite countertop full bullnose edge
 Eased Edge  Bevelled Edge  Half Bullnose Edge  Full Bullnose Edge
 granite countertop ogee edge  Granite countertop double bevelled edge  granite countertop double ogee edge  granite countertops double radius
 Ogee Edge  Double Bevelled Edge  Double Ogee Edge  Double Radius Edge

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