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Emerald Pearl Granite Kitchen Countertop with backsplash

Resemble to Blue Pearl Granite,Emerald Pearl is another popularly used granite countertop material. Its black background with green , blue and white spots makes your kitchen shine as sky .

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  • *Product Origin:Norway
  • *Color:black background with green spots
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  • *Order(MOQ):50m2
Product Detail

emerald pearl granite kitchen Norway Emerald Pearl Granite countertops are very suitable to be used not only for private house , but also public projects such as hotels , hostels, plazas , shopping centers, offices ect. Emerald Pearl granite has labradorite which burst with color when natural light hits it.The blend of dark black background and white light reflecting bling sparkles make this material the favorite choice for countertop . 

 emerald pearl granite tops

Aobo Stone Emerald Pearl Granite Kitchen countertops

Regular Size: 108"x28", 96"x28", 108"x25" 1/2", 98"x26",

 96"x25 1/2" 

Regular Thickness:  3/4" or 1 1/8" 

Backsplashes: same length with countertops,regular width 4''

Sidesplashes:length same with width of countertops , regular 

width 4''

Aprons: same length with countertops,regular width size 6''-15''

Own factory , accept any customized size and thickness .

Aobo Stone Emerald Pearl Granite Island Tops

Regular Size: 98"x42", 96"x36", 86"x42", 76"x36"

Regular Thickness:  3/4" or 1 1/8" 

Usually edge laminated with 2-3cm thickness and about 3.8cm 

width for all the four edges.

No arpon and splashes needed, sometimes no sink cut out 

Own factory , accept any customized size and thickness .

 emerald pearl granite kitchen island

 Granite is timeless material.While when you choosing the granite colors , it happens that you will in a delima whether to choose black granite.Obviously , black is a classic color which you can easy match it to other colors of your furniture .While it can easily catch dust too .Now Emerald pearl granite would be your perfct choice . Different shape granite countertop different design and enjoyment .

 emerald pearl granite I shape tops
 Emerald pearl granite L shape countertops
 emerald pearl U shape granite countertops


 1.Emerald Pearl Granite I Shape countertop

  Straight I Shape granite countertop which  is usually saw in 

  building materials or countertop super market . These none

  sink cut out countertop ,you can buy it back and make DIY 

 countertop installation

  One long and one short side of this countertop needed to be 

  edge processed usually eased edge . 

  Depends on different markets the width of the countertop is 

  around 26''.  



 2.Emerald Pearl Granite L Shape countertop

 L Shape granite countertop is very popular shape , often 

 applied for corners,and against the walls. 

 Seam joint need to be considered for L shape countertops. 

 Different person keeps different ideas about seam, some think

 seam joint is a decrease of beauty ,while others think it is a 

 proper way of saving money . 

 There are two major joint methods , butt joint and mitered joint .

 For material like Emerald Pearl granite , both joint methods 

 are appplicable . It depends what you prefer to. Usually , mitered joint is a little more expensive than butt joint .

 3.Emerald Pearl Granite U Shape Countertop

 U Shape granite countertop is much more suit for eat- in 

 kitchens . While cooking , you can enjoy the gathering of 

 families and it is much easier to keep your kitchen clean . 

 This kind of granite countertop usually have one island top ,or

 one half island top, which family members can eat on. That 

means at least three edges of this  island top need edge 

profiled . 

 It is wiser to use this shape of countertop in a bit larger kitchen .

Edge processing is a very important step for granite countertop fabrication , and it need professional skills to fulfill . Now let us check out some normal edge profiles 

 countertop edge 1        
 Radius Single   Bevelled Top Single Laminated Ogee   Laminated Dupont  Radius Top Laminated
 Flat Single  Mitred  Ogee & Radius Bottom  Bullnose  3/4'' Ogee

The recipe of Homemade Granite Polishing

Granite will begin to look deadly over time after continuous usages. But, the shine of your granite countertops can be reestablished with home-based stone polish. The polish can be prepared with only some ingredients which are found in your storeroom or nearby grocery shop.

At first, clean the façade of the Emerald Pearl Granite countertop with a mild cleaner. Wipe out the cleaner with a soft rug.

Then, take a plastic spray bottle and pour two cups of water, one-fourth cup of edible soda and two table spoon liquid dish wash soap in it.

Fix up the bottle’s top and shake up it forcefully to mix up the entire ingredients well.
Now, spray the home-based polish over the façade of the granite countertop.
After that, massage the polish on the granite with a soft sponge in a round motion.
If you follow the above instructions properly, your Emerald Pearl Granite countertops will continue to show its shine and attractive look for a long time.

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