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Emerald Pearl Granite
Originated from Norway , Emerald Pearl Granite is a very popular granite in all over the world. It is usually used for luxury projects such as hotels, villas,plazas ect .
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Product Detail

Emerald Pearl Granite is one of the most common colors of granite which is put on the market in the present day. This particular granite comes from Norway and is a combination of green, gray and blue. The other names of the Emerald Pearl Granite are Labrador Gold, Nordic Ice, Perla Smeralda or Labrador Green.

emerald pearl granite aobostone

If green is your preferential shade, then Emerald Pearl Granite is the appropriate choice for your kitchen’s furnishings. With several contradictory shade variations, emerald green granite adjoins a valiant strike of comparing color against pink, crimson, white or golden kitchen cupboards. This granite is also extremely resistant to tarnishing, which is one of the main causes of making it a preferred choice for kitchen countertop.

Polished emerald pearl granite slabs

Emerald pearl granite slabs details: 

Density: 2.73g/cm3

Compressive strength: 252MPa

Modulus: 20.7MPa

Water Absorption: 0.45%

Regular big slabs size : 200-280cm x120-180cm

Regular small slabs height : 60cm ,65cm , 70cm , 75cm , 80cm ,90cm 

Regular size : 2cm and 3cm 

Suitable use : bathroom vanity, kitchen countertops ,building facade wall, flooring ect 

The Emerald Pearl Granite kitchen countertops are resilient in addition to gorgeous. Therefore, they require an extraordinary concern so that their smoothness and elegant facade stays perfect. Always indulge soft and fragile things to use upon granite, and avoid razor-sharp or harsh things on it.

 Few More Tips to keep your Emerald Pearl Granite Shine as new

1. Clear out spills at once. It is most essential in the case of some sour spills-just like lemon fluid, wine or vinegar. The tart in thesefluids can scratch the facade of granite and put in an appearance of nebulous dots or circles.

2. Always use such a cleaner which is PH neutral and mild and avoid those cleaners which contain ammonia, citrus or vinegar.These cleaners will spoil and roughen the shine of the Emerald Pearl Granite.

3. All the times, use stands for searing pots or dishes. Though granite is resistant to heat, but extreme heat can harm the shine of the top of the granite countertop.g/cm

4. Don’t draw any kind of utensils across the countertops. Because, the metal items can create grazes on the facade of your granite countertops. Eventually, the façade can turn into visibly blemished by the items being over and over again scraped up crosswise it.

5. When you will cut something on the Emerald Pearl Granite countertops, all the times use cutting boards. Because the sharp knife and the fluids of the vegetables etc. can create ugly marks on the granite façade.

6. It is important to seal your granite countertop at least once per year with stone sealant. Do not use such a sealant which is non-penetrating.

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