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Fighting for Chinese Coming Lunar New Year

Published : 2016-02-19

The weather these days in Xiamen is freezying .Might have been the coldest winter in the past 50 years . While on the other hand , the new year atmosphere seems not influenced by the cold tempreture , and so does our factory . 

From the middle of Jan 2016 , most factories has been closed for the Chinese Lunar New Year . 

While in our factory , everyone requested to stay and finish the order before going home . This is a quite big white grey granite project. 


Disc cutting machine for small blocks 


Auto Granite surface polishing machine 

white grey granite G603

Besides our worker , our QC watching and following every step from the blocks , then slabs , then cut to size tiles .Ensure the quality of the granite is processed as client's requirement .

Of course , the packing is also a very essential part of the whole job . 

See our experierenced workers , Lao Wang , who said , though the weather is cold , but granite packing job will help hime get warm , sometimes even sweated . 

Xiao Mei is absolutely the SHERO . You see her so slim , but she really has powerful arms . And also have worked in granite industry for 8 years .

Time flies , new year is on the way . All staff of Aobo Stone wish you a happy and prosperous new year 2016!!!! See you next year . 

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