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How to Make Granite packing Safe and Sound

Published : 2016-01-20

Packing is one of the most important step of granite processing , which plays a crucial role in protecting the granite products arrived at destination in good state.

So how to pack our granite products well ?

Let's begin with knowing how many granite products forms? Majorly slabs , tiles( thickness about 1.6-3cm) ,  thin tiles(thickness below 1.4cm) , and thick tiles (thickness above 5cm).Different format of product , different packing maners . 

1. Slabs 

Slabs refering to the products cut directly from the blocks . According to customized requirement , slabs can be packed directly with or without polishing . We using solid wooden bundles to pack slabs .

The slabs are gathered in groups. Each group contains form 8 to 15 granite slabs according to their thickness and sizes packed in wooded bundle.

 2. Tiles( thickness about 1.6-3cm) 

The normal sizes of White and grey granite tiles ,thinkness around 1.6-3cm, are 30-120x30-120cm .To pack tiles need to preparing the wooden boxes or crates ahead .The bottom part of the crate is most important , because it will bear all the weight of the products as well as the crate itself. At the bottom of the crate , there would be at least two folk lift space available .wooden crates (Boxes) must be lined by foam for better protection.

While packing , hin Plastic sheets are added between polished faces of the tiles to avoid surface scratching.

 Each Wooden crate contains certain Number of tiles according to the thickness, All the cerate content details are entioned in the label paper fixed on out side of the crate.

3. Thin Tiles ( thickness below 1.4cm)

To pack thin tiles , most of the steps are similar to packing tiles above 1.6cm thickness , but only one step different . Yes , you are right , to packed with foam or paper boxes before packed into wooden crates. In this way ,can better protect the thin tiles from broken while trasportation. 

4. Thick tiles(thinkness above 5cm)

Besides the way of packing tiles , to lower the cost , thick tiles could be packed with pallats .Wooden pallets are surrounded by foam for better protection, and fasten with plastic belts with rubber pieces on the edges to avoid any damages that might happen .

According to the size & thickness of the tiles each Wooden pallet contains certain number of tiles, All details of the pallet contents are mentioned in the label paper fixed on the lateral side of the pallet. 

One thing worth be point out is that ,if the budget of the project is small , the packaging is also a way to make ends meet .

To sum up , different Aobo Stone granite products have different packing ways .It depends on the project requirment and the distance of the transportation . But no matter slabs or cut to size , there is one more rule need to be follow is the weight limit of each package.Normally  , for crartes and pallets , the weight limit is 1.5 tons , while for bundles , not exceeding 4.5 tons is better .

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