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Labradorite Blue Granite

Labradorite blue granite is also known as Lemurian Blue Granite, is a very beautiful granite suitable for products such as countertops , vanities , wall tiles , bar tops, TV back ground decor , ect.

  • *ItemNO:ABM064
  • *Payment:T/T ,L/C , O/A
  • *Product Origin:China
  • *Color:blue
  • *Shipping Port:Xiamen
  • *Lead Time:15 days after receive of deposite
  • *Order(MOQ):50m2
Product Detail

Labradorite Blue granite is originated from Madagascar. It was a hit once introduced to China in 2011. It is a very beautiful natural stone with blue sparkle spots and it is transparent when thickness is under 4cm. They say different light will show you different Labradorite Blue Granite. If the light is strong and white, it would look blue , if the light is dark and yellow , it would turn to a little green. 

Lemurian blue granite

Lemurian Blue granite slabs information:

Place of material origin: Madagascar

Size : 1200*2200mm up 

Inventory thickness: 2cm, 3cm 

Light Transparency: medium 

Density : 2.68g/cm3

Flexural Strength:199.3Mpa

Abrasion Resistance:17.9Mpa

Water absorption:0.22%

Very suitable to be cut into wall tiles , floor tile ,countertops , vanities, bar tops, worktops ect . 

Own factory , accepting any customized size and design

Finding out where you can use Labrodorite blue granite : 

madagascar blue granite

lemurian blue granite

There are many different types of Lemurian Blue Granite, their difference majorly lies in the level of the blue and the darkness.

Four general types in our company. 

 blue granite  labradorite granite slabs
 Lemurian Blue Granite Type 1   Lemurian Blue Granite Type 2
 blue granite slabs  blue granite madagascar
  Lemurian Blue Granite Type 3   Lemurian Blue Granite Type 4

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