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Lantern shaped calacatta white marble mosaic tile
Calacatta White marble mosaic is very popular choice for American , European countries. Majorly used in area TV background, bathroom and kitchen decoration.
  • *ItemNO:MO001
  • *Payment:T/T ,L/C , O/A
  • *Product Origin:China
  • *Color:White
  • *Shipping Port:XIamen
  • *Lead Time:15 days after deposit
  • *Order(MOQ):50m2
Product Detail

white mosaicLantern shaped calacatta white marble mosic tile is very popularly used in kitchen wall , bathroom wall and floor and living room wall decor. The special vein variety and design makes the Calacatta marble mosaic as vivid as a landscape picture in your house. 

calacatta white marble mosaic

Regular Tile Size: 305x305mm , 300x300mm

Regular  Chip Size: 23x23mm,48x48mm,                           50x50mm,75x75mm;

Standard Chip thickness 4mm,8mm and 10mm 

Packing details:

1)   Netural paper boxes 

2)   Wooden crates

3)   4mm thickness= 22pcs/1.98sqm/17kg/box

4)   6mm thinkness= 15pcs/1.35sqm/17kg/box

5)   8mm thinkness= 11pcs/0.99sqm/17kg/box

6)   72 ctns/crate, 20crates/ container

Backed mesh : plastic mesh

marble mosaicMarble Mosaic is a brialliant creature of human wit . The rearranging of the small chips , not only keeping the old veins from the orginal materials , but also gaining a beauty of the small shaped chips itself .Its fabrication process requiring more labour work than machines. 

Get to know how Marble Mosaic coming out: 


Based on the area and the required chip shaped , our design

technique need to make a drawft drawing about the size of the

tiles and how many pieces would be needed for the whole order

quantity .

 aobo stone mosaic products
 white marble mosaic chips


Based on the design and color veins specification, our workers 

need to pick the suitable mable slabs and then cut them into 

small thin tiles , then further into small square shaped chips .


To do this job, our workers need to have a sense of color 

matching, which we have been training them once they come

to our company. First to pick out the chips which have the 

resemble color variation , then stick every single piece on the

mesh prototype designed by our technician.

 white marble mosaic tiles
 marble mosaic chip tiles


After the glue dried , our experienced QC need to inspect every

details based on the order requirement , including but not limit

to size , thickness , veins, chip shape , chip sizes, cracks, ect.


To make a sound packing for marble mosaic tiles is not as easy 

as other marble tiles. Firstly need to make sure the glue of every 

sigle piece is totally dried, and then put them into designed

paper box.

 marble lantern shaped mosaic tiles
 aobo stone sound packing

 Shipping Packing

After packed into paper box, the marble boxes needed to be 

further packed in seaworthy wooden crates lineared with plastic.

mosaic kitchen

Application examples

 white marble mosaic  aobo stone mosaic tiles  white marble mosaic
 Bathroom Vanity back splash  Bathroom Tub Wall surround  Kitchen countertop Backsplash

Please visit Mosaic to know more about Aobo Stone mosic products. 
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