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Polished Antique brown granite kitchen countertops
Antique Brown granite is a natural stone that could be used for kitchen countertop surfaces.It is very suitable to be used for projects such as villas, hotels, plazas ect.
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antique brown granite kitchen Antique Brown granite is a very special stone indeed. Its crystalline mineral deposits provide a very unique pattern that has made it one of the most popular granites used in countertops today. It is quarried in Angola and is not commonly called any other industry names.This granite does not really vary massively in appearance with different lighting conditions and will look great in dark and well lit rooms. The only real difference a well lit room will make to this granite is that the blue minerals will be given the chance to shine and sparkle more.

Let us take you through an overview of this awesome stone to show you what kind of décor it will work with – and what kinds it wont.

From afar the intricate patterns that make up this awesome stone are really not all that visible. The overall chocolate brown feels warm and inviting. While you cannot see the details – from a distance you can still see that there are markings that invite closer inspection.

When you are reasonably close to this granite you are able to see the mind boggling beauty of its mineral deposits. And they never fail to impress. They are almost like shattered glass in their appearance with irregular shapes and sizes – always with edges that look well defined, sharp and jagged.

angola antique brown granite countertopAntique Brown granite bedrock is its characteristic chocolate brown. However most of the mass of this stone is made up of mineral deposits. Which are all different shades of brown. This results in amazing display of color. With browns ranging from milky light brown all the way down to very deep browns that can verge on black sometimes.

Speckled throughout the stone are amazing blue pearlescent mineral deposit which are stunning in their beauty. They are most commonly very small in size and make up about 3% to 5% of the stones mass. When they catch the light a wide range of blues are visible in the single mineral deposit.

Occasionally some of these blue minerals will not fully form into concentrated deposits and can give some of the brown a blueish tinge. This is not all that common – but most slabs of antique brown granite will have a few patches like this. And like many granites there is a sprinkling of quartz in the stone too. This gives a lovely elegant shine and sparkle when it catches the light. The quartz deposits in this stone are usually very sparse and not really noticeable unless you are looking for them. However on occasion you may find a slab with a slightly larger amount of quartz in it.

Despite being quarried in several different quarries in Angola – there is a low amount of variation in appearance between slabs of this granite. The main difference being the amount of quartz and blue minerals that are present. The overall brown is almost always “the same”. However we still recommend you at least see a picture of the slab before you commit to a purchase.
 Brown granite countertops  antique brown granite island tops

 Aobo Stone Antique Brown Granite Kitchen countertops

Regular Size: 108"x28", 96"x28", 108"x25" 1/2", 98"x26", 

96"x25 1/2" 

Regular Thickness:  3/4" or 1 1/8" 

Location: at least one long side against the wall 

Own factory , accept any customized size and thickness

 Aobo Stone Antique Brown Granite Island Tops

Regular Size: 98"x42", 96"x36", 86"x42", 76"x36"

Regular Thickness:  3/4" or 1 1/8" 

Location: usually in the middle of the kitchen

Own factory , accept any customized size and thickness 

How Much Does Antique Brown Granite Cost?Due to its incredible beauty brown antique granite is an upper mid range granite. A 3cm thick slab of brown antique granite will cost you between $14 and $16 per square foot. A 2cm thick slab will cost about $10-$13 per square foot.

antique brown granite tops
Brown antique granite countertops can work with a wide range of kitchen décor styles. When combined with white kitchen cabinets and neutral walls the granite becomes a start contrast and instantly grabs the attention of anyone in the room.

Because it is is so dark – you will find that even with wood stained cabinets there will be a stark contrast. Obviously not as much of a contrast as white cabinets, but it is still dominating.

Dark kitchen cabinets allow this granite to almost blend in. From afar the dark countertops and the dark cabinets can look like they are almost one. Providing a very contemporary (albeit dark!) look. Unless you especially like dark kitchens – you will need to ensure your rooms décor has light walls and floors if you have dark cabinets, as it can be a little overpowering.

A couple of great alternatives to Antique Brown are Labrador Antique granite countertops and Imperial Gold Granite countertops. Be sure to take a look!

So there you have our guide to one of the darkest brown granites on the market – we would love to know what you think! Please leave a comment in the box below!

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