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  • Turkmenistan Presidential Palace
    [ 2016-01-05 ]
    Turkmenistan Presidential Palace project is a governmental project which we completed in 2012. Mainly providing outside granite paving for the open air stone paving and the fountain parts.  It was built by the French construction firm Bouygues. Construction began in 2008, ended May 18, 2011. The same day, the first of his master became the second President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.President of Turkmenistan attended the opening.The cost of a new palace $250 million.(Wikipedia) G633 and G654 white grey granite paving outdoor  Grey granite fountain design from Aobo Stone For more information , please kindly contact info@aobostone.com .
  • Iman Ali Mosque
    [ 2016-01-05 ]
    The Imām 'Alī Holy Shrine (Arabic: حرم الإمام علي‎), also known as Masjid Ali or the Mosque of 'Alī, located in Najaf, Iraq, is the third holiest site for some of the estimated 200 million followers of the Shia branch of Islam. 'Alī ibn Abī Tālib, the cousin of Muhammad, the first Imam (Shia belief) is buried here, and the fourth caliph. According to Shi'a belief buried next to Ali within this mosque are the remains of Adam and Noah. Each year millions of pilgrims visit the Shrine and pay tribute to Imam Ali.(Wikipedia) In this project , we major supplying the wall and flooring tiles . The whole project we supplied nearly 8600m2 of stone products. In this project not only granite is used , but also marble , onyx ,limestone ect , which need a comphrehensive resource intergreting ability . And we pround to have our client's great satisfication . 
  • I.M. Pei's Museum of Islamic Art, Doha
    [ 2015-12-17 ]
    The Museum of Islamic Art (Arabic: متحف الفن الإسلامي‎, matḥaf al-fann al-islāmī) is a museum located on the Corniche in the Qatari capital Doha. The outside granite paving is supplied by our good company in 2006 with a total volume of 6800m2 G654. The iconic building was designed by architect I. M. Pei.The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) represents Islamic art from three continents over 1,400 years. Set in the MIA Park on the waterfront, the Museum of Islamic Art stands out as an architectural gem. Once inside, you will see masterpieces of Islamic art, including metalwork, ceramics, jewellery, woodwork, textiles and glass, collected from three continents and dating from the 7th to the 19th century. The masterpieces come from both the secular and religious aspects of diverse worlds, all of which are connected by their profession of Islam, but many of which are non-religious in nature. The artworks are drawn from the treasure-houses of princes to the personal homes of ordinary people. Each object tells a fascinating story about itself and the world it comes from. MIA is not a religious institution however there are prayer rooms and ablution facilities inside the museum building for all Muslim visitors. Facilities also include IDAM, a high class restaurant offering a dining experience of French Mediterranean cuisine with an Arabic twist.(wikipeadia)
  • Mann Island Buildings
    [ 2016-01-05 ]
    The Mann Island Buildings are a group of buildings in Liverpool, England .They comprise three international style mixed use buildings on Mann Island, which lies on the waterfront between the Port of Liverpool Building and the Albert Dock(wikipedia) We supplied the outside wall and flooring tiles for this project during 2008-2009 . Totally 8200m2 of granite used on the wall . The intergretion of granite and glass make this building its own dignity. Mann Island Buildings are no wonder the landmark building in England after construction .
  • Barcelona Airport Terminal Base
    [ 2016-03-15 ]
    Barcelona–El Prat Airport , simply known as Barcelona Airport, is an international airport located 12 km (7.5 mi) southwest  of the centre of Barcelona, Spain, lying in the municipalities of El Prat de Llobregat, Viladecans, and Sant Boi (Wikipedia). The whole supplying quantity is very big as 150,000m2 of granite paving tiles in total. And the period lasts 2 years from 2006 to 2008 . It is one of the most classic project of our group.  Outdoor flamed granite paving Interlock granite paving pattern used in open area in front of the airport. On the one hand , interlock technique increase the anti slip level of the granite flooring. On the other, it makes the whole outlooking more beautiful than the plain paving.  There were three materials we supplied to this project , that is , G611 ,G603 and Shanxi Black.         G603 polished airport base flooring  Size : 600x300x20mm G611 grey granite airport indoor paving  Size: 600x300x20mm Using the slight difference of G603 and G611 in veins, the paving tiles could be designed into certain pattern, so that to divide different area . For example using slight difference tiles in the waiting area and walking area . Please click "Aobo Projects" to view more projects of Aobo Stone . Relative link to G603 , G611 granite products: http://www.aobostonexm.com/G603_c0_ss http://www.aobostonexm.com/611_c0_ss
  • Japan Nagatacho Sanno Park Tower
    [ 2016-05-13 ]
    The Sanno Park Tower (山王パークタワー ) is a 44-story skyscraper located in Nagatachō, Tokyo, Japan. It is the second highest building of the ward, after the Shin-Marunouchi Building.The headquarters of the largest mobile carrier in Japan, NTT docomo, are located on the 7th to 9th and 27th to 44th floors.(Wikipedia) We supplied about 11,000m2 of Water Wave grey granite wall tiles to this project from 2009-2010    .      The major sizes of this project we supplied are 600x300x30mm for dry hang .Anchor holes and grooves needed.It is profound project to our granite fabrication experience .  To know more about the granite wall tiles , please visit "granite wall tiles". More information about Water Wave granite products , please click "water wave granite".